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Fix: Windows 7 Stuck on “Checking For Updates”

I have encountered a problem of very long (better to say, endless) update search in a newly installed Windows 7 SP1 on one of the client computers. The problem looks like this: after the OS has been installed and the Internet connection has been configured, you go to Windows Update and run check for updates. The search lasts for several hours without any results, at the same time there is high CPU (up to 50-70%) and memory load by svchost.exe. The same problem can be seen in Windows Server 2008 R2 as well.

When analyzing running processes using Resource Monitor, you can see that wuauserv.exe service  high load in svchost.exe process. This is the main process that is responsible for the operation of the Windows Update service.

Windows 7 stuck on checking for updates

Tip. Here is a solution for Windows 7  to fix the svchost.exe high memory usage and 100% CPU

The attempt to reset Windows Update Agent settings hasn’t given any results. Obviously, the issue relates to the changes on Windows Update site that prevent earlier wuauserv client versions from downloading the list of updates.wuauserv.exe under svchost.exe process

So if your Windows 7 stuck with the status ‘Checking For Updates‘ , try to manually download the update rollup for Windows 7 SP1/ Windows 2008 R2 issued in July 2016—  KB3172605. Depending on the bitness of your OS, download a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of the update.

After the update installation, restart your computer and run check for Windows updates again. Voila — in some minutes you will see the list of more than 100 missing updates.

PS. If the problem with updates still persists, download and install the following updates one by one:

  • KB3020369 – servicing stack update (April, 2015), in my case it was required to install KB3172605
  • KB3138612 – improvements for wuauserv, Windows Update client (March, 2016)
  • KB3125574– a cumulative update (February, 2016)

Tip. If,  then you installing the update from *.msu file, Windows Update Standalone installer  freezes at the stage of searching for updates, disable the Internet connection on you PC.


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