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KMS Server Update to Support Windows 10 Activation

Preparing to the official launch of Windows 10, in June Microsoft released an update KB 3058168 for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 to support KMS (Key Management Service) activation of Windows 10. The update installs updated versions of configuration files necessary for correct Windows 10 activation on the KMS server and a new version of Cryptxml.dll.

The Update for KMS Activation of Windows 10 in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

KB 3058168 is the update for the following OS versions with the installed KMS server:

  1. Windows Server 2012 R2 /Windows 8.1 (to install this update, you’ll need an April Update 1 for Windows 2012 R2/ Win 8.1 issued last year)
  2. Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8 (no extra requirements)

You can download KB 3058168 following this link:

Select the OS version installed on your KMS server and download the corresponding update package.

KB 3058168 KMS update to support Windows 10

Important. After you install this update, it is not recommended to install language packs in the system. Otherwise, the language-specific changes won’t be applied to your KMS server and you’ll have to reinstall the update.

Run the installation of the update by clicking Windows8.1-KB3058168-x64.msu or running this command:

wusa Windows8.1-KB3058168-x64

install update KB3058168

On the Volume Licensing Service Center you need to get KMS host key (Windows Srv 2012R2 DataCtr/Std KMS for Windows 10) and install it on the KMS server:

Slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Restart Software Protection:

net stop sppsvc
net start sppsvc

After that, RTM versions of Windows 10 Professional can be successfully activated on the KMS server.

Note. The same update for KMS servers of older Microsoft OS versions (Windows 2008 / 2008 R2, etc.) is being developed. After the release of these updates, the article will be updated.

KMS Keys for Windows 10

In July Microsoft also published official KMS keys (GVLK keys) to activate different Windows 10 versions on KMS servers.

KMS keys for Windows 10 are listed in the following table:

OS VersionClient KMS Key
Windows 10 ProfessionalW269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
Windows 10 Professional NMH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
Windows 10 EnterpriseNPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43
Windows 10 Enterprise NDPH2V-TTNVB-4X9Q3-TJR4H-KHJW4
Windows 10 EducationNW6C2-QMPVW-D7KKK-3GKT6-VCFB2
Windows 10 Education N2WH4N-8QGBV-H22JP-CT43Q-MDWWJ
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSBWNMTR-4C88C-JK8YV-HQ7T2-76DF9
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB N2F77B-TNFGY-69QQF-B8YKP-D69TJ

To activate Windows 10 on KMS server:

  1. Install the key for your Windows 10 edition:
    slmgr /ipk ххххх- ххххх – ххххх – ххххх – ххххх
  2. Specify KMS server address (if the KMS server record is not published in DNS during its installation)
    slmgr /skms
  3. Activate your OS:
    slmgr /ato

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