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How to Turn Off Automatic Driver Updates in Windows 10

When connecting a new device to the system, Windows tries to automatically install a corresponding driver and update its version in future using Windows Update. In most cases, this approach is optimal as it guarantees installation of actual driver versions checked by Microsoft. In some cases, however, a user deliberately uses old driver versions and does not want them to be updated automatically by the system.

Fortunately, automatic driver update by the system can be turned off in Windows 10. Some ways are described below.

How to Turn Off Driver Updates in Hardware Settings

The simplest way is to turn off driver updates in system settings on Hardware tab. To do it:

  • Press Win + X and click System.
  • In the left part of the window, click Advanced System Settings.
  • In the next window, go to Hardware tab and click Device Installation Settings.  Windows 10 - Hardware tab - Device Installation Settings
  • In the Device Installation Settings window, check No, let me choose what to do and then Never install driver software from Windows Update.Disable drivers update via Windows Update
  • Save changes and restart your computer

How to Turn Off Automatic Driver Update Using Group Policies

Driver updates through Windows Update can be turned off using a group policy (using GPO it is also easier to configure on multiple machines simultaneously):

  1. Press Win + R and type gpedit.msc in the next window
  2. In the Local Group Policy Editor, go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System->Device Installation->Device Installation Restrictions
  3. Find the policy Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy. Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy
  4. Enable the policy (“Enabled”) and save the changes

How to Turn Off Driver Updates in the Registry

In Windows 10 Home editions with no Group Policy Editor, driver updates can be turned off using the Registry Editor.

  • Run the Registry Editor regedit.exe
  • Go to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DriverSearching
  • In the right panel, find SearchOrderConfig parameter and change its value to 0. (Default value is 1 meaning that driver updates by the system are enabled)SearchOrderConfig
  • Save the changes.

After restart, the automatic driver update in the system will be turned off.

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